High-Threshold Muscle Building

High-Threshold Muscle Building


Christian Thibaudeau
Paperback | 202 pages
203 x 254 x 11mm | 413g
Publication date
03 Jun 2014
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Top Olympic lifters have it, elite gymnasts excel because of it, sprinters break the speed of light driven by it, high level bodybuilders get huge because of it... THE CAPACITY TO MAXIMALLY STIMULATE THE HIGH-THRESHOLD MOTOR UNITS! This is what separates the best from the rest. The fast-twitch fibers that compose the high-threshold motor-units (HTMU) exceed, by a humongous margin, the hypertrophy potential of low and medium-threshold fibers that too many of us rely on in our everyday training sessions. Yes, to some extent, the capacity to activate and stimulate those powerful fibers is a genetic thing: some peoples are born with a greater number of HTMUs than others; some lucky few also have been blessed with a super efficient nervous system that's very effective at turning on these growth-friendly fibers. However with the proper training techniques, exercise selection and movement execution, you can palliate for an "average" fiber distribution. Tihanyi (1997) has demonstrated that with proper training it is possible for someone with only 30% of fast-twitch fibers to develop himself to the same extent as someone with 70-80% of fast-twitch fibers. This book will show you exactly how to do that! The advice given in this book may look simple, because it's logical and practical, but it's exactly what you need to apply if you want to become a fast-twitch machine!

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